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Personal Loans: What They Are and How You Can Benefit

Personal loans are just that – personal. Meaning no one can tell you how to spend your cash, and nothing is forcing you into the high interest rates of acquiring a credit card or a cash advance. Want to consolidate your credit card debt? Or maybe you’re just trying to free up some funds for a family vacation overseas. Whatever the case, a personal loan can be a quick option for those who don’t mind monthly installments.

Few guarantee the absolute lowest rates in personal loans in this industry, but we do. We’ll even pay off your existing personal loan and lower your interest rate. Our personal loans span up to $5,000. Competitors love to pay lip service to affordable payment options, but at American Acceptance, we put our money where our mouths are. We promise you a lower interest rate and a loan you can afford later down the line.

Personal Loans up to $5K

Title Loans up to $10K

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Title Loans: Discreet and Dignified

Title loans are perfect for clients who have an impacted credit history or prefer to forego a background check. Essentially, these funding sources are what banks call a secured loan; your car becomes collateral, and a lender (such as American Acceptance) places a lien on the vehicle’s title. When you’ve paid off your principal balance, the lien goes the way of the dinosaurs.
Easy approval is just around the corner. And because no credit check or background check is required, we’re able provide lightning-fast turnaround. That’s right – no lengthy approval process, complicated forms to fill out, or financial interrogations. Just you and a cash sum that tops out at around $10,000.
Our pledge with personal loans is the same with title loans – rock-bottom rates, guaranteed.


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