Mission & Values

American Acceptance Corporation is owned and operated by experienced industry executives who endeavor to provide reputable car dealers with unsurpassed customer service. Finding sensible solutions for difficult cases is our hallmark. Due in part to the lack of a smothering corporate bureaucracy, we achieve outstanding results with speed and reliability.

Our Services

We approve deals through DealerTrack® and over Fax machine. We finance new and used cars without age or mileage limitations.

Our average dealer fee is $500 per contract.

Remember, you can pick up the phone and talk to your buyer to explain the merit of your deal!

  • Good credit client on an old or high miles unit.
  • Good income clients who have low credit scores, but the deal makes sense when the whole story is heard.
  • Large down payment deals. Do not pay another $2000 fee to get an equity deal done.
  • Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy considered.